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1.61 Thin plastic Polarised sunglass lens, HC, MAR


Price includes:

Two lenses
Lens fitting to full or half-rim frame
Delivery by Royal Mail first class recorded post

Please select lens colour


  • This 1.61 plastic lens will be 25% thinner and lighter than standard plastic lenses.
  • Recommended for prescriptions between +/- 3.00D and +/- 5.00D.
  • This lens is Polarised, light reflected from roads, smooth water and glass is horizontally polarized. Polarised lenses reduce the glare from these surfaces by the vertically oriented polarisers in the lenses resulting in clear vision with maximum glare reduction.
  • This tint turns your glasses into sunglasses - approximately 85% light reduction, for the brightest of days.
  • Protects your eyes from Ultra-violet radiation. UV 400 coating.
  • Hard coat applied which helps to prevent scratching.
  • Multi antireflection Coating (MAR) which reduces reflections and will improve vision when driving.

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