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Single Vision Glasses

Single vision lenses in your glasses correct for just one field of vision. They have the same power throughout the lens and are used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or a combination of these effects. Most people under 40 wear glasses to correct single vision. The glasses lenses correct vision in either the distance, close up (reading glasses) or for those people that use glasses for handicrafts,glasses for playing musical instruments or more and more common nowadays glasses for computer use.

Distance glasses

distance vision glasses exampleDistance glasses are for normal vision, driving, walking and distance viewing. Your close up and intermediate vision may be blurred and you will need reading glasses for close up work.

Reading glasses

reading glasses Reading glasses correct vision for close up work, reading,crafts and sewing etc. (Distance and intermediate vision may be blurred).

Computer or intermediate glasses

computer lenses for glassesWhen working at the computer, playing music or even playing board games etc. you will want glasses for the middle distance (intermediate), that is at arms length, choose these lenses for use on Computer, playing music etc. these glasses will allow you to focus clearly. (Close up and distance vision may be blurred).

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