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Photochromatic Lenses

Fast acting photochromatic lenses give you automatic protection from the sun and are the ideal everyday choice for healthy sight.

They are clear indoors and at night. Outdoors, they automatically darken as light conditions change.

transition lens

Photochromatic lenses provide visual comfort and enhance visual quality, helping you to see better. And, like suntan creams protect your skin, photochromatic lenses block harmful UVA and UVB rays helping to protect the health of your eyes.

We offer photochromatic lenses in grey or brown colour.

transition lenses in grey or brown
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In addition to standard photochromatic lenses, Eyesright also offer superior quality Transitions© lenses, which are available in grey, brown and green.

We stock the latest generation of Transitions© lenses, including Transitions Xtra©

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