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Suntint Lenses / Prescription Sunglasses

For a small extra charge, you can have your frames made into sunglasses.

For conformity and good order, we restrict our range of tints to the three most popular colours across our range of prescription glasses. The colours are selected because their effect on colour perception is less than other colours. They are also chosen for their inherent UV protection factors. These colours are brown, grey and green.

standard colours of prescription sunglasses

Computer screens have different ways of showing colour (you can see this in TV screens by looking at a display of several screens side by side in a shop). Therefore, the shades shown on our website are representative of the colours on offer. To ensure that the colours are appropriate, we select from the best colour ranges in the industry and check each pair of glasses to ensure the tint is compatible with the frames chosen.

We only do 85% tints which means glasses with these tints are true sunglasses. All our tints conform to CE Standards. We also remind you that tinted lenses are not suitable for driving at night.

Your choice of tinted lenses includes

  • Tinted lenses
  • Sunreactive lenses
  • Transitions©
  • Polarised glasses
  • Drivewear©

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