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Non Prescription Lenses

We offer reglazing for fashion frames, replacement sunglass lenses, Drivewear lenses and non-prescription anti-fatigue computer lenses.

Lenses are available in various thicknesses, from a standard index of 1.5 through to ultra-thin index of 1.74 designed for higher prescriptions.

If you have a thin metal frame, to make your glasses look their best, we would suggest selecting a higher index lens.

Filter LensesRemove all filters

Suitable if the sphere of your prescription is below +/- 2.50D

25% thinner and lighter than standard lens. Suitable if your sphere is between +/- 2.50D and 5.00D

Coatings Explained

  • HC Hard coated lens, scratch-resistant.
  • MAR Multi anti-reflection coating, stops reflections and aids clearer vision.
  • Crizal Easy Essilor hard and anti-reflection coating.
  • Crizal Forte Essilor premium hard, anti-reflection and easy-clean lens with two year anti-scratch guarantee.
Lens NameThicknessIndexLens TypePrice
Per pair, inc. fitting & postage

Non Prescription Clear lens, HC

Standard 1.5 Clear £22.50

Non Prescription Clear lens, HC,MAR

Standard 1.5 Clear £24.95

Tokai Night Drive Lenses PGC coating

Thin 1.6 Nightdrive £175.00

Non prescription sunglass lens, HC, MAR

Standard 1.5 Sunglass £32.45

Non prescription Trivex Drivewear Lens HC, MAR

Standard 1.5 Sunglass - Drivewear £225.00

1.5 Standard plastic Polarised sunglass lens, HC, MAR

Standard 1.5 Sunglass - Polarised £99.95

If you need help

We'll be very happy to help you select the most suitable product for your needs.

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