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Taking Photos for Glasses

In some instances we may require that you send us a picture wearing your current glasses to allow us to calculate your Pupillary Distance (PD). Pupillary distance is the distance, in millimetres, from one pupil to the other. A correct PD will ensure that the lenses are correctly positioned in relation to your eyes.

If your optician hasn't provided your PD on the prescription, we will measure your PD for you based on the picture your send us.

Normally, we require a PD measurement for certain high prescriptions, unusual glasses and, especially, varifocal and bifocal glasses.

Tips for taking a good photo

  • Your photograph must contain the head and the top of your shoulders.
  • Hold a credit card against your chin as level as you can for our perspective calculations.
  • Avoid using the flash as this increases the likelihood of glare on lenses.
  • Daylight is best, such as from a window, as this can provide as equal a balance as possible to avoid glare on lenses and shadows on the face.
  • Make sure you have a neutral expression
  • You must be looking straight at the camera (not tilted head) and show your eyes open (no hair in the eyes or face).
  • Your pupils should not be obscured by reflections.
  • Your glasses should fit comfortably and naturally.

Examples of photos

Examples of suitable pictures

For prescription sunglasses, we need 2 pictures, one with and one without your sunglasses

Please ensure your glasses are in correct position

  • Incorrect - glasses in the middle of the nose
  • Correct - glasses in correct position

Sending your photo to us

Take your photo with a digital camera, mobile phone or a webcam (if you have one) and email it to together with your order number and name.

If you need help

We'll be very happy to help you select the most suitable product for your needs.

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