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Bifocal Lenses

A bifocal lens is split into two parts. The top part is usually designed for distance and the bottom part for reading, however, the two areas of the lens can be changed for computer and reading use.

Lenses are available in various thicknesses, from a standard index of 1.5 through to ultra-thin index of 1.74 designed for higher prescriptions.

If you have a thin metal frame, to make your glasses look their best, we would suggest selecting a higher index lens.

Filter LensesRemove all filters

Suitable if the sphere of your prescription is below +/- 2.50D

25% thinner and lighter than standard lens. Suitable if your sphere is between +/- 2.50D and 5.00D

Coatings Explained

  • HC Hard coated lens, scratch-resistant.
  • MAR Multi anti-reflection coating, stops reflections and aids clearer vision.
  • Crizal Easy Essilor hard and anti-reflection coating.
  • Crizal Forte Essilor premium hard, anti-reflection and easy-clean lens with two year anti-scratch guarantee.
Lens NameThicknessIndexLens TypePrice
Per pair, inc. fitting & postage

1.5 Bifocal lens, HC, MAR

Standard 1.5 Clear £54.50

1.61 Bifocal lens, HC, MAR

Thin 1.61 Clear £104.95

1.5 Bifocal Transition GEN8 Lens, HC, MAR

Standard 1.5 Photochromatic £115.00

1.5 Bifocal sunglass lens,HC

Standard 1.5 Sunglass £74.50

1.61 Bifocal Sunglass lens, HC, MAR

Thin 1.61 Sunglass £112.45

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