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1.6 Tokai Night Drive Lenses PGC coating


Price includes:

Two lenses
Lens fitting to full or half-rim frame
Delivery by Royal Mail first class recorded post


  • The Tokai night Drive lens has been specially developed to give greater vision at night.
  • The development of a special 1.6 index medical grade monomer helps to filter out the blue light rays on modern halogen and discharge head lamps.
  • Reduces reflections and lights from oncoming cars by selectively cutting out the light waves from headlights.
  • It maintains brightness by transmitting light waves near 510nm which is were brightness is felt at night.
  • Super hard hydrophobic PGC coating makes the lens scratch resistant and easy to clean.
  • The lens has a light brown/yellow colouration that is part of the lens but is suitable as an everyday wear lens

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