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1.6 Tokai Resanos Neuroscience Varifocal SHMC


Price includes:

Two lenses
Lens fitting to full or half-rim frame
Delivery by Royal Mail first class recorded post


  • Tokai Resanos Neuroscience Varifocals are one of the the most advanced varifocals currently available.
  • The 1.6 index lenses are approximately 30% thinner than standard lenses.
  • Recommended for prescriptions between +/- 3.00D and +/- 5.00D.
  • The lens was designed with not just your eyes in mind. Working alongside neurological specialists, Tokai developed a lens design that also takes into account image perception in the brain. Looking closely at stress and discomfort in the brain when wearing a progressive lens, they developed a design for more comfortable viewing ability as well as clarity, giving a totally bespoke wearing experience.
  • It is easy for first time varifocal wearers to adapt to this multifocal lens and offers existing varifocal wearers a distortion free view.
  • The SHMC coating used by Tokai is one of the most advanced AR lens on the market.
  • 2 year anti scratch guarantee.

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