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1.67 Essilor Stylis Comfort Max Varilux varifocal, Crizal Sapphire


Price includes:

Two lenses
Lens fitting to full or half-rim frame
Delivery by Royal Mail first class recorded post


<ul><li>1.67 Stylis material makes lenses remarkably thin and attractive, up to 40% thinner and 6 times more impact resistant than 1.5 index lenses.</li><li> Has full UVA & UVB protection and they enhance the look of all spectacles.</li> <li>Varilux Comfort Max lenses are manufactured by Essillor using Digital Surfacing to ensure that the total Comfort System is properly applied.</li> <li>Calculation of the design has been optimised and the manufacturing process is used to adapt the lens design precisely and optimise it for each individual wearer\'s prescription.</li> <li> Crizal Sapphire Anti reflection coating provides , Smudge resistant, Scratch Resistant, Water repellent benefits.</li><ul>

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